Our Glazing

Fabtec prefers to offer laminated safety glass rather than acrylic (Perspex is a brand name) or polycarbonate because of the wide range of different colour and heat transmissions available. Contrary to popular belief, clear glass is not always the best choice as it can allow glare or raise the room temperature significantly.

Laminated glass can be made up to suit specific needs making the choice almost infinite, although this is not recommended as there can be long delays in the event that the glass has to be replaced. It comprises layers of glass in a sandwich-type arrangement. The normal configuration is a layer of Poly Vinyl Butyral (PVB), laminated between two outer layers of glass. This is not to be confused with a “liquid laminated” glass, which is the cheap and nasty alternative.

A popular choice for skylight glazing is low “E” glass which reduces heat transmission whilst allowing over 90% of light to be transmitted. We also can install opaque or reflective glazing to minimise the harmful effects of the sun, while still allowing in light, in areas where there are  valuable artworks or costly antique furniture, 

Laminated glass can be made up into multiple layers thereby extending its protective qualities, and be used as bullet-resistant glass, or in skylights with walk-on applications. This is installed in patio areas where light is required for the level below.

Fabtec can also offer double or triple glazed panels on installation where heat loss is an issue. This should be considered for environments that are temperature controlled, for instance where there is under-floor heating, air conditioning, or where the rest of the building has similar glazing.

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